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Sports Rehabilitation Unlimited  

Sports Rehabilitation Unlimited, LLC is a privately owned company providing sports rehabilitation and physical therapy services in Middleton and the North Shore including Danvers, Peabody, Topsfield, Boxford and surrounding communities in Massachusetts. We are distinguished for our delivery of evidence-based, effective treatments that allow our patients to resume their normal work, play and life activities as quickly as possible. Our placing patients first philosophy allows us to offer flexible and accommodating appointment scheduling. Our skilled and experienced physical therapists and PT assistants provide the latest rehabilitation interventions to reduce pain and promote healing.


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A physical therapist can help you move better. Whether you are having trouble getting out of bed, picking up your kids, having difficulty reaching into the cupboards, or any other daily tasks that you’re having trouble doing, a PT can help. We spend one on one time with you to ensure that we tailor to your every need. We also come up with a comprehensive plan to help you get back to what YOU want to do, which is the whole point right? A physical therapist can help facilitate your recovery, with us giving you the tools to be successful. We want to empower you to be able to do things needed to keep you healthy for the long run.

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Physical therapists are evidence-based health care professionals who offer cost-effective treatment that improves mobility and relieves pain, reduces the need for surgery and prescription drugs, and allows patients to participate in a recovery plan designed for their specific needs.

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The Fit Factor  

The Fit-Factor is an on-line survey people could do in their own home, assessing all aspects of physical health. The Fit-Factor is designed to be repeated over time, so people can continue to self-assess and take ownership of their physical health. Questions ranging from a person's exercise habits and their ability to participate in everyday activities and leisure activities, to interactive self-screening tests on balance, strength and flexibility result in a Fit Factor score categorizing people into 6 levels of physical health. Educational videos provide a vast amount of information and tips including injury prevention, exercise, posture, development of strength, flexibility and balance.


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