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Congratulations to OSPT and AST Therapists becoming Certified Clinical Instructors

Eliana, Erin and Gina join Matt, Brett and Will as Certified Clinical Instructors at OSPT and AST.

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Congratulations to Brett for his presentation at APTA CSM in Anaheim, CA

Title: Resolution of Acute Episode of Chronic Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation Requires Multidisciplinary Approach

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Congratulations our our newest ALINE Certified Experts

Patients can now be fitted at all 3 of our locations for ALINE insoles.

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OSPT and AST announce their partnership with The Micheli Center

The Micheli Center provides services such as 3D pitching/golf analysis, running/ACL/concussion/figure skating injury prevention and coach/community education clinics.

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